Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Simple little nightie from another bad pattern

This pattern was bad last year when I made a something from it.   You were supposed to be able to put your head through the neck opening with no slits of any kind.  I made it and had to add a placket with buttons to the back of two items.   See http://nanabs-sewing-fun.blogspot.com/2010/06/hearts-all-over-place.html

This time I decided perhaps a slit in the front of the neck would solve the problem--knowing full well from the design that this might make it slip off her shoulders.

Well, it DOES fall off her shoulders, and this time it's a pain to fix.  I had already slitted the front, and done the decorative stitching.  She likes it so I will have to fix it, but I'm not sure how I can do it.  I'm considering a buttonhole at the back neck, with a button to create a "pleat".

Neck detail, as it is now

I put the decorative stitching around the hem, but my turned up hem was wider, so I added a twin-needle "cover stitch" on my sewing machine.  Final effect

Complete (but not finished)


When I finally got to try it on her, once again, it did not fit.  If this pattern goes over the head, it falls off the shoulders.

To cure the falling-off-the-shoulders, I added a button (well reinforced underneath) and a tab with button hole.


It's cute and quite soft, so she loves it (and her Nana still really dislikes the poor pattern design).  I had added the front slit to accommodate the head, but it's just a poor design.  I should throw it away, but it's got some basic elements which can be adapted, so I keep it.  (I might regret that.)

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