Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

This afternoon, while my daughter and granddaughter enjoyed the beaded things, the new purses, and outfits, I changed all of last year's shorts elastic to the next larger size.

Each year I make the elastic at least 3 inches longer than required.  Then I sew where it is right for this year, and add 1-2 more sets of stiches about 1/2-in. apart.  All I have to do when she grows is go in an clip the tightest set of stitches and close the waist back up again.

I did about 8-9 pairs of shorts and two pairs of capris pretty quickly.  Her mom brought everything I had sewn for her last year so I could pull out what I needed.  It was an impressively large stack, most of which she can still wear.

Her last year's "butterfly dress" was not right to begin with, so in order for her to wear it again this year I will open up the shoulders and try to remedy that.  She LOVES it and will wear it too small, which will really bug me, so I'll just fix it.  That will take a bit of time to figure out and implement.

Now my question is this:  since she can wear all of those clothes, and all of the new ones I have made her this year, just exactly what else can I make.  Her closet is bulging!

I have already promised a pair of jamies so those will be first, but after that--maybe PRINCESS DRESSES from my latest find (yes!)--or maybe I should just get on and finish the quilts!!!

Last year I made her brother "cowboy" jamies and she really wanted some, but "with cowGIRLS Nana!"  The only soft fabric I could find with cowgirls was Betty Boop.  She saw the fabric today and told me straight away it was Betty Boop.  I asked her how she knew it was Betty Boop and she said "from Popeye, of course!"  She went on to tell me a long tale about stuff Betty Boop did on their Popeye video...

I do have some light weight knit I want to make into jamies for her brother (and maybe her as well), but it's summer and the Princess Dresses COULD wait until I finish the quilts--ummm..... is my conscience screaming yet?

And then there are grandkids to play with and pools to swim in if the weather ever warms up...  Oh my, I can think of a dozen things!  So if I'm not on here too much this summer, you might want to check my quilt blog and see if anything's happening on there.

Today I received my "photography" lighting and I am hoping to make better pictures as soon as I figure out what to do.  (I am sure everyone will be pleased to no longer hear my whining about my photography troubles!  I especially hope the lights and umbrellas will help me make some better photos of all my quilts, but that will mean I have to steam press NINETEEN quilts--did I say it was summer???!!!

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