Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ladybugs for my "Wadybug"

Actually, she doesn't say it that way anymore, but it was awfully cute when she did.  Now she's got a bit of a lisp due to loosing two front teeth--so cute!

She saw this fabric (which I did buy for her, but wondered if yellow was a good color with her fair skin) and, of course, she wanted something made from it--she LOVES ladybugs!  But then, I thought, what if I distract your attention from the yellow a bit by emphasizing the red?
I had seen "pillowcase dresses" somewhere and thought I could adapt a pattern I have, so this is how it came out.

First the pocket:  I drew a pretty wide "watermelon" slice, put two really deep darts at the rounded "corners", gathered the top, bound it with contrasting fabric.


I made the shorts of a lightly patterned yellow fabric from my stash, because the ladybugs show through the fabric.

back view

And the front--I like it, and so does she!

Her mommie likes it, too, but I did have to sit through a lecture  on 'maybe we need to find you some homeless people to make cute things for because her closet is BULGING!'  (Of course it is--I didn't really think she would still be able to wear ALL of the stuff I made last year...  And I just keep having really fun ideas!)   So I guess this is the last "regular" clothing of the season for her.  

(But I'm not promising on the princess dresses...)

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