Monday, June 28, 2010

Hearts all Over the Place!

Back in March I made this sundress for my granddaughter.

Just for the fun of it, I designed a "puffy pocket". Turns out you can't sew it on by machine (unless you want stitching on the puffy part, so it's hand-stitched on there. I hope it stays!

When we tried to put it over her head, it was too snug. It also seemed a bit long and a bit wide. So I tabled the project for a while. Tonight I have FINALLY fixed the problem and it is done!

How to fix a neck that's too small on a finished sundress: first slit it down below the underarm area a bit

Then insert a sort of "placket" on each side of the slit

Stitch the bottom to hold it all in place; make buttonholes and sew on buttons.

B I N G O !!! problem solved

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