Friday, June 17, 2011

Capris and House-Pants for Summer (for me)

This small piece of fabric was not quite long enough for capris, so I turned the stripes to horizontal and made a small cuff at the bottom.


And I finally finished this really light-weight, cute fabric.  I use the two full-length pairs I made last summer all the time when it isn't cold outside, but this is even lighter weight.  I will probably sew in them, then maybe later they will be jammie bottoms.  I just couldn't resist the fabric design.



In both cases I used a slimmer-in-the-leg pattern than I had used last year.  Last year's are REALLY wide; I think I'm going to like these better.

I have some other fabric I want to make into similar items, but I do not wish to make them in such a large size, and I keep hoping...

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