Thursday, May 26, 2011

Having Fun with Stripes and Things

I started out to make her a pair of pants in plisse'.  

Hem detail
Pants hem detail

Full length pants (she grew SO much that last year's just don't fit any more)

I just wasn't happy that these pants would go with several other things, so I made a little top to wear with them.

Back top - with buttons for the straps so they can be adjusted

Complete outfit

And then I went a little crazy.  I had wanted to make a flippy skirt with a pieced tier, so I cut 4-in. squares of several of the pieces of plisse' I had already used and one that I will not use until next year.

It would have been better if I had had a bit more of the striped fabric so I could gather that tier, but it was nearly gone.  


June 11, 2011
For the tale of the final skirt (this one did not work), please see:

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