Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ice Cream Cones -- she says it is her new "Party Dress"!

I have never used lace like this on anything for her because I can't stand the way it crunches up in the laundry and we do not have time to iron anything, so this time I decided to nail it down so it won't move in the laundry.  

I can't do anything about the sleeves and I'm sure it will drive me crazy when it's all wadded up, but the pockets and the neck have been hand-stitched at the outer points all the way around to keep them from moving (I hope).

Back zipper
Back zipper

And of course, the shorts to match

One day we'll actually have summer!

(You can't tell it from the color in the photo in the post below, those pants and shorts match this dress, too.)

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