Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tea Cosy

Some people like a proper "tea cozy" for the their tea pot, but I did not want to make anything which could be left on the pot while making OR pouring the tea because they get all messy and look disgusting.

At our house we have a proper English tea pot (after all, my husband IS from England!)
Regular teapot

Also, I have a tiny pot for my Genmaicha
Genmaicha teapot

My daughter kept wrapping up the proper tea pot in a hand towel to keep it warm, and now that I'm drinking this little pot of Genmaicha--which makes two tea cups full--was also having to re-heat the second cup.  I decided to do something about that.  (Seriously, I am supposed to be making pants and shorts for a 5-year old!)

I have no detailed in-progress photos, but basically I measured the diameter of the larger pot and cut a 7-in. (finished size) circle with my clever ruler.  Then I cut a strip approximately the length of the circumference plus a seam allowance.  It was about 6-in. wide by 21-1/2 in. long.

I cut a contrasting fabric for the inside so I could make it reversible and not get bored looking at it!

Also a piece of Warm and Natural batting of each size.

I steamed Fusible Fleece to each piece (both the "inside" and the "outside" pieces). 

Then I quilted 5 or 6 rows down the vertical side pieces.

I stitched a loop of grosgrain ribbon in the center of each "top" (for something to grab it with).

I then stitched each top to each side and sewed them together, leaving maybe 4 inches of the seam open.  I pulled it inside-out, pinned the opening and top-stitched all the way around the bottom edge.

Wha-Lah!   A Tea Cozy!

My favorite side  (I have a Japanese Woodblock print in the kitchen with these colors.)

The other side

Loops on each side
Cosy for two teapots!  (it will keep my second cup of genmaicha warm, plus regular tea in the big pot)

Cosy for two teapots!  (it will keep my second cup of genmaicha warm, plus regular tea in the big pot)

It works really well.  Two layers of Fusible Fleece, plus one layer of Warm & Natural batting make it stand up on it's own and insulate pretty well.

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