Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Two-Year old was coming to Easter Lunch as well,

and just in case the "big girls" put on their long dresses, she is getting old enough to notice and maybe want one herself.  She's too young for knowing about princesses as yet, and I didn't want to start all that stuff early.  We held off as long as we could with our granddaughter, but right before she turned three all of a sudden it was like osmosis--suddenly life was all about princess dresses, and it shows no sign of abating as yet.  

She, her mommie, and I watched The Royal Wedding together yesterday--and it was all about getting to the Princess as quickly as possible, but then horses almost de-throned the Princess!

I rummaged through my "stash" and came up with the idea that this cute cotton fabric (which does have sparkles on it) would make an ok long dress for a 2 and a bit year old, and maybe her Mommie wouldn't mind a simple peasant pattern too much.

Up-close front view

Back view

Full front view

I haven't seen this on either, so I don't know how it works out.  I left all the elastic loosely stitched with long tails so it's very adjustable, used the next-size-up (sz 3) pattern, and purely guessed at the hem, then turned it up a couple of inches after it was completed so she can lower it and cover any fade-lines with rick rack or something like that one day.  If it's still too long, she can turn it up again, then I think it will be fine.  

Hopefully she will be able to wear it for a couple of years with adjust the hem and the elastics.

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  1. The recipient absolutely LOVES this dress (wore it again today after her nap). It's a trifle long and I will hem it this week because she's already tripped once and crashed into the wall. No injuries I'm glad to report. She loves the butterflies and the pink. It's irresistible to her. Thanks so much for thinking of her!