Saturday, April 30, 2011

Princess Dress for a 4-1/2-yr Old Great-Niece

Her mommie lusted after my granddaughter's turquoise sparkly princess dress (see )

I found a small piece of flowered, striped fabric (perhaps nylon?) for the skirt, then matched the bodice and the decoration to that.  (I can't seem to make a "real" Princess dress--they keep looking more like little bridesmaid's dresses, but they're really nice.)

For this skirt, I used a layer of white tulle under the flowered fabric, and underneath is a white lining/slip made of the same type fabric as the bodice and it's lining.

Close-up of the flowers in the skirt fabric and the "floppy collar" and waist treatment.

Zipper lessons -- the lined bodice was so light weight and soft that it got caught in the zipper just as I completed the entire dress.  It took my husband 1/2 hour to un-stick it.  The next morning, I got up and moved it over enough that the basically-clear zipper teeth showed a bit.  I hope it will be sufficient to keep it from getting stuck when little kids are zipping it up and down!

The zipper involved layers-upon-layers of basting stitches, and perfectly covered those teeth until I re-did it!  It still looks fine, but it was disappointing.  If I ever do this again, I HOPE I remember to put some stiffener in that part that sticks over the zipper tape to the center to prevent a repeat!

The pattern called for a proper sash, tied in the back and nothing at the neck.  It just looked like a really nice Sunday-go-to-Meeting or flower-girl's dress, so I did not do that.  I copied the "floppy collar" from one of my granddaughter's actual "Disney princess dresses".  Then I nailed it down here and there so it wouldn't drive her mommie crazy (I hope).  

Then I created the waist band, gathered it up, and nailed it down to the dress in the center front, the sides, and on each side of the zipper.  It was a total fluke that I had cut it exactly the right length that when it was gathered it was a perfect fit.  I wonder if I could repeat that fluke!  It seemed to take up somewhere in the vicinity of four inches due to the gathering, but I'm not sure!  Happy accident!

Finished back view (after all the zipper re-doing....)

Finished front view

I did not get to see it on her.  It was Easter Sunday and there was lunch to prepare and eat, and eggs to hunt, cousins to roar around with, etc., but she seemed to like it, and her mommie loved it!

=======June 5, 2011

On her way to a "Fancy Nancy" party

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