Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jacket - Class Project

I really don't like the brand of patterns they always use in my classes.  I know now that I am not going to, but I'm trying to adapt things so they will come out closer to what I might want to wear.  This one came out too wide, and eventually I will probably take it in on the sides.

It is a simple hooded cotton knit jacket, not designed for a zipper, but I added one because I don't like jackets that don't "close".  I just got the longest one I could and let it fall where it will at the top, which is a little short, but works better with a hood that is all one with the front of the jacket.  (I prefer separate, attached, hoods--better shaping achieved.)

Back view

Close-up of pockets

Zipper detail (I was tickled to find this complimentary zipper to go with my fabric.)

Front view, finished jacket

It's quite comfortable and pretty much does the "job" but it's too wide, and I know what I actually wanted.  That's why I made this fabric first, and I'm right--it's not really what I want.  (I'd prefer the separate hood design, to be sewn on; also I'd prefer that it actually fit instead of hanging like a bag.)  I'll get lots of wear out of it on cool summer evenings though, and I've already worn it to class and on Easter Sunday during the egg hunt.

Mission accomplished.

[Let me just add, I STILL hate cover stitching on my serger.  Maybe I always will...]

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