Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some More of Those Mesh Bags - Orange, and Orange!

Once again, I dipped into my old scraps "stash".

The first one was supposed to be for my "Curves" bag; i.e., that I could drop my sneakers in and they would sit flat.  This meant the bag had to be quite wide.  In these bags, the measurements are absolutely critical when you are making "custom" sizes for special tasks.  Then the first row of stitches is the critical one in determining the finished shape of the bag.

In this case I missed the measurement for the width of the bag (i.e., the length of the shoes) by about 1-1/2 inches, so the bag came out looking more or less like a cube.  It means that my shoes fit side-by-side, but it is not quite long enough for them to lay flat in the bag.  It's ok I guess, but I would have preferred to make it as I had envisioned.

The bottom center row of stitching is because I made pockets inside.

I used the small scraps from a maternity dress I made 39 years ago!   I like the colors.  I was going to use green straps on this one, but the green was the wrong color and the orange matches perfectly.

Now I will carry the happy memories of anticipating the birth of my first daughter--how nice.


This next one was a sundress I made for myself (I think) probably in the mid 1970's.  It is about two inches narrower than the size I call my "Library Bag" because it is the "leftovers" from the bag above.  It will be really useful.  (Good that I have two pairs of orange sandals....)

This one has larger pockets on one side

with a small one for pen/pencils on the other

I know what I'm going to use the "Curves" bag for, but the other one will probably become a sort of summer "purse" to take to the grocery store.  I love making these bags and would give them away, but I don't want to part with these particular fabrics/memories.  And orange is one of my favorites!

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  1. I really admire your crisp corners. I've made several of these bags myself and always get a slightly rounded edge. Yours look very professional. And I love the material against the orange mesh. Works beautifully.