Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shirts for Sweet Peas

It's been a big day!  After finishing the Princess nightie and making a new smaller cowboy jamie shirt, then I made each of them long sleeve shirt.  

He needed another sun shirt, so I made it from plisse (or seersucker) so it would not be too hot while covering him up.  I added 1-1/2 inches to the sleeves that were already cut the length of "Large" on the pattern.  He wears a "Small" (size 7); he does have long arms, and is tall and thin, but I doubt any 14-year old has arms that short!.

back view

And for her, there IS NO darted shirt pattern for a little girl!  So I traced a Target shirt body to get the size right.  Then I rummaged through shirt patterns and started with gridded pattern fabric (I don't know it's proper name).  I have adapted the design to darted and non-darted, pointed collar and Peter Pan, long and short sleeve, etc.

Pattern close-up

This is how it turned out

Close-up for darted front

Back view

I actually bought this fabric to match her new cowgirl outfit, so it will be useful all year long!

Of course we won't really know how it turned out until she tries it on!\

[That was a L O N G day!  That was 17 buttonholes and buttons!  (I counted...)  There was a day when one of those garments would have clobbered me by the time I did the buttons and buttonholes--gotta love modern machines!  And when all was said and done, I cut out his "racing" jamies.]

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