Saturday, July 10, 2010

Princesses Galore - for our very special Princess

She loves nightie's and I've had this fabric for months.  I couldn't decide how to make it.  It is soft enough for a nightie, but I had problems coming up with a pattern that would not be utterly boring.  This one seemed to do.

Front -- oops!   I carefully centered the princesses.  I concentrated on not making them too near the seam when the skirt was attached, and oh my!  the ruffle covered them all the way down to their chests.  In the end, I couldn't stand having "headless" princesses right in your face, so I tucked up the ruffle which helped a bit.

The ruffle is a little "odd"--it doesn't ruffle all that much.  And the sleeves are gathered at the top, but it barely shows--once again--poor pattern making.  I also added an inch to the sleeve length so the elastic would fall further down her arm.

Next year I may add a ruffle to the bottom, as it is likely to continue to fit.  They made the pattern really, really wide.  (I am already an expert at lengthening arm openings for a "comfort kind-of girl"!)

For the back the instructions said to make a button loop with thread.  That would last about 5 minutes with this girl thrashing around in her sleep the way she does.  So I made a little "tab" and put it on the right side.  I put the buttonhole on the left, sewed the button to the tab--so no thread button loop!

Stay tuned later in the year for more--I think the fabric will be a BIG favorite!

As I ponder the things I have made her this year, I wonder if next year might prove to be a bit boring for her???   I don't think so, cute fabrics and ideas continue to surface.


(And, of course, she LOVES it!   She surrendered it only because she was afraid of the safety pins holding the elastic in the sleeves--so Nana had better scurry in there and fix that right now!)

I won't be surprised when this appears as a "dress" from time to time!  And Nana really MUST learn which Princess is which.  She will be glad to help me with that!

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