Sunday, July 18, 2010

Piggies and Gators

Someone else needed dolly clothes -- and her dolly is BIGGER so I had to re-design all my modular patterns!

My greatniece has an "American Girl" doll, 15-inches tall.  She needed dolly clothes for her birthday.  I didn't want to try anything too exotic until I am sure they fit, so here's what I sent.  Hope she likes them.  (More to the point, hope her MOTHER likes them...)

They are shown on my granddaughter's 15-in. doll, but it is shaped differently with a big bulgy stuffed tummy, so I'm hoping they will fit the American Girl better.

Her mother is a Gator fanatic!   And the theme for her daughter's 4th birthday has a piggy pinata involved.  So there you go--piggy nightie with Gator colors...  What more could she ask for?

Close up of piggies and Gator colors  (The decorative stitching is two strands of thread--one of each Gator color)

Front and back views.   I created the "paneled" effect by stitching from the bust to the hem

This nightie does not have matching diaper/panties.  I made them plain white flannel for comfy sleeping.

I don't know how this one will go over.  The pink fabric brings out the pink in the center person's costume, but my granddaughter seemed to not care for the pink fabric at all.  It has some kind of little critter on it, but she just doesn't like it for some reason.

You have to love this little flannel print for her jamies.

Back view

I often use tiny satin ribbon for trim on dolly jamies.  I zig zag it down, and so far it seems to be wearing pretty well (although I suspect my granddaughter's dolly clothes don't go into the washing machine too often--ours certainly didn't).  It gives it a nice finished look.  Sometimes I also run it down the front, but with this brown I didn't want to stitch the velcro onto the back of the ribbon after putting it down, so decided not to use it down the front.

I stitch the little bow down firmly with the machine--I don't want them coming undone!

I will make her other outfits for Christmas after we see how these simple things fit.  (And, of course, now that I know we have a "resident dolly" of a similar size, I am SURE it needs some clothes!)

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