Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cool "Not-Shorts"

It's going to be really, really hot and humid on my vacation.  (And I LOATHE humidity!  Dry heat is fine.)

My daughter said, "Make some shorts."

I said, "Not me--I'm too big to be out of the backyard in shorts these days.  I'll just wear my capri's."  (But most of them are not THAT lightweight.)

After mulling it over, I snatched some grand-kid jamies fabric (ultra-lightweight,cotton, tee-shirt) from my "stash" and cut out some capri's.  They are shorter than my "sleeping" ones, because that is one HUGE pattern repeat (if it ever does!).  Actually, they are probably just right for July in the Southeast!

It's a real pill to keep these lightweight knit stripes "matching", but here they are!

I see the pattern worked out rather cute in the photo--which is amazing because it was the ONLY way I could get them out of that piece of fabric!

The pickin's are mightly slim in the knits department these days!  I've got white, and black, and both of those fabrics are a little heavier than I want.  And fabric stores have maybe 5 bolts, if that, of the lightweight cottons.

(Ok, so my new yellow tank top is the wrong color of yellow, the new blue one is also the wrong color.  I guess it will be my old white ones.   I have a new red one, but it's patterned--not sure I can handle that--we'll have to see...)

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