Sunday, July 18, 2010


I finally put the first shipment of things for Korea into the "mail" today!  I sent only the things for our one little girl at this time.   I have two other finished quilts ready to go, and only the binding to put on two others, but I decided to hold those until I get back from vacation.

I want to do at least two more "juvenile" themed quilts before shipping any more if at all possible.

I had never decided what to do with my first class-project quilt--the reversible baby quilt.  I decided to send it for a lap robe for our little girl.  So I sent her big quilt, the lap robe/baby quilt, her dolly and it's quilt and outfits, the yellow and black 2-piece outfit I made for her, etc.  Then I stayed up until 3 a.m. this morning writing a story for her about her "American Family".  (oh my.....)

Isn't she adorable?

Our shipper is from Korea, so he was an amazing help to me.  He checked all the options to see whether I should ship them to someone to take back with her in August, or whether to use Korea Express to ship them directly.  I will decide for sure when I see how big a box it takes and how heavy it is.

I decided to go into the educational store almost next door to search for a very simple "sticker book" to include.  I was delighted to discover they had sticker books in Korean--as well as other books and games, etc.  So I got a book, plus an educational toy/game to send at Christmas.  The lady kept saying, "they have the BEST sticker books in Korea, you don't need to send them THERE!"  I explained that I didn't know if the orphanage had a great deal of money to spend on such things.  I think she was so excited about what I was doing, that she gave me a Korean alphabet book to include in the shipment!  What a nice lady!  I will definitely patronize her store...  (I should "yelp" it, shouldn't I?)

I think there are about 20 residents in the little girl's house, so I plan to make at least that many quilts.  Then I found that a lot of people could use "lap robes" as there are many in wheelchairs and they have to move long distances between buildings in the winter.  It gets very cold.  So my work is cut out!

[I am also supposed to be getting on with my family history/family trees projects, and transcribing my husband's "book" from his letters mailed from a 5-month trip to the Middle East in 1965-66.  Where will I get the hours and still have time to spend with my precious grandchildren???]

Anyway, my bags have been packed for three days (except for one liquid med and this computer)!  My paperwork is nearly done (I would be finished, but one website is down tonight), the shipments to Indonesia and the Congo are done, the stuff for Korea has gone.  I still have a note to write for our cleaning lady (seems a silly thing to call someone who is a "friend"), and I will not be able to finish some sewing projects I had hoped to complete before leaving, but I'm doing pretty well.

Speaking of our sweet lady, she is now raising six children all on her own.  Her husband passed away just about the time her last baby was born. She is godmother to three children whose mother abandoned them.  So she imported the children, for a total of six.  I don't know how she is doing it.  What a great lady!  My Christmas sewing includes three quilts for their beds as well!

My hand became really unhappy because the "steam" button on my fabulous iron began to stick (I think it got tired of ironing and steaming quilt fabrics!).  My thumb especially was unhappy--so I aim to give it all a rest for three weeks and have some fun!

You all have fun while I'm gone,and do some sewing or quilting!

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