Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well here it is, after Valentine's Day and I'm not REALLY back,

but I'm getting started!

Yesterday, for the first time since we left for Hawaii in early December, I finally turned on my sewing machine.  (I had used my serger in a "techniques" class, but it had not come out of it's carrying case.)

It's birthday time for our 5-yr old granddaughter, so it was time to get going.  However, as I like to keep things in chronological order (so I can think straight), I have to go WAY back and play catchup.  This involves figuring out where I left off--oh my goodnesss, I dug myself a hole!

(For the past week I've been playing catch-up on seven months of paperwork, so....  Quilting and sewing are more fun!  SO is travelling, and we have taken 3 major trips since mid-July.)

best get on with it, then!

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