Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's 5th birthday time!

Now that I'm "caught up" (for the moment), maybe I will do a better job on my posts?

I had purchased these fabrics in Tennessee last year, as I wanted to make an updated variation of something similar I had made for her mommie years ago.

This was her mommie's 

This is a close-up of the fabric combinations for the new one
Details of the two fabric types.

Back view, with sash

Matching shorts
matching shorts, as requested by her mom

Finished front

I just couldn't get past that too wide panel of too-large daisy's, so I took strips of the other fabric and did this (all by hand, in an attempt to not "stiffen" the gathered panel and to nail down all four edges of each piece so it looks almost like it's printed there).

So now it looks like this

It's a big improvement.  I didn't do the back as I didn't want to make any more stiffness, and now that the front is done, I think it looks fine.  It probably needs a bow at the left neck made out of the daisy's, but it would just bug her I think.

Hope she likes it (even though she WILL say, "Nana, you know turquoise is my favorite color now, but I still like pink, too."


Update--she LOVED it and ended up wearing it to dinner that night WITH the vest on top!     (Hilarious!)   In fact, I have not seen her without the vest since I gave it to her...

Five year olds are precious!

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  1. The strips with the pink make a HUGE difference. I love the pattern and combination of color. It looks "country charm" but not overwhelmingly so. Very nice.