Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pineapplies and Guitars -- must be Hawaiian!!

Earlier in the year, I made the kids matching Hawaii shirt/top(s) and forgot to take on-the-hangar photos, but their mommie doesn't mind this one! 

I did not have enough fabric left to make her complete skirt from it, so I had to improvise.

It took me AGES because I was waiting for some assistance with the tiny applique pieces, but I finally got down to finishing her skirt. This is a closeup of the front panel of the skirt.  My daughter had fray-checked every single edge, then I appliqued them.  Afterwards I was concerned about fraying, and put more fray-check on them--that's what the dark blue around each piece is--my advice, "DON'T DO IT!"  It's ok on this item, but I won't do it again!

Backside of some of the detail:  (The fray-check only shows in blobs on this one, that's before I decided to make it "uniform".

Finished skirt back:

And finished front!   It really did turn out pretty cute!

And, no, I don't really have a good complete outfit one of her!

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