Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 - Cowgirl outfit for a Princess

The first one I made is now too small. (The vest fits like a bolero and the skirt won't go on at all.)

Our princess is definitely "Pretty in Pink", so her cowgirl hat is pink. So Nana had to come up with something to go with that hat!

Completed costume

Back (I can't decide which lighting is best...)


Back vest trim detail

Front vest trim detail
(I loved using these buttons I'd had for years, and they're just perfect!)

And I was quite tickled with how the placement of the shoulder stitching worked out...

Skirt, with decorative stitching at front waist to hold elastic in place and mark it clearly for a small princess!

I haven't made the pink shirts yet, but there is a pink top in an older post which also matches. I wanted to giver her brother his, so I did not wait on the shirts this time.

She also has pink leather and suede cowgirl boots, but she's about to grow out of them--should have gotten the next size up last winter...

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