Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 - Cowboy outfit for Mr Precious

He is our "Purple Guy" and I think his parents are feeding him MiracleGro! So he needs a new outfit, too.

Complete with long-sleeved shirt (this color is close to accurate)

Vest front (I like this blue-toned purple, but I really think my fabric falls somewhere between the above photo and this. I even unsuccessfully tried photographing it outside to try to show the true color.)

Vest back

I have to tell you getting the placement of the decorative stitching was TRICKY! I applied the braid first. Then I sewed the pattern on a "test piece" at the "normal angle". I marked the beginning part of the pattern with a Sharpie marker. Then I placed the needle down in the fabric at the "start point" and angled it around to where I hoped it would fall correctly--worked pretty well!

This may be the last time you catch me sewing with silver metallic thread--at least with this kind. When it works, the effect is what I intended, but it splices, knots, breaks, etc. So it is a constant job of re-threading. I had to pull half a name out and try to figure out how to finish it in the right place because it totally screwed up, etc. I don't recommend it.

There is another type of metallic-looking thread (which isn't really metal) that I want to try. I am sure it won't be quite the same effect, but I want to see if it can be made to do this job.

I do confess to being rather proud of managing to get it pretty much where I wanted!

I need a couple of background colors for taking pictures; also better lighting. (Or, as my husband suggests, I COULD learn to use my camera a bit better by setting it to incandescent light--I got it in October and haven't learned the menus yet!

I liked this fabric--so similar to "neckerchief" style. It does not need any trim.

Back of shirt (no yoke)

Looks nice over the vest as well

And then, of course, a short sleeved version from fabric I think I intended to make up for his mommie many long years ago (she's our other "purple person").


(and he liked it...)

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