Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008 Dolly Clothes - for our Princess

In 2008, I began sewing dolly clothes for our Princess. I was really tickled with this one.

This is the top/jacket/dress pattern cut not far under the arms for the bodice and skirt attached.

Back view.

Ribbon sewn around neck when complete and "bow" sewn down firmly after velcro inserted for back opening.

Sleeves, hem, and back seam are turned under just enough to hide the serging stitches.

These are scraps from things I made years ago. The bodice was a sun/house dress of mine. The skirt was my mother-in-law's skirt fabric.

If I re-install some software on my machine so I can blur faces, I could put up a picture of the dress I designed for my youngest daughter from the scraps of Grandma's skirt and top--it was the inspiration for this dolly dress.

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