Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2008 Christmas Sewing #2 - Cowboy Outfits

For Mr. Precious...

Kerchief washed in HOT water; then soaked in cold salt water, in hopes of it not "bleeding" on to denim. (This worked--there has been no bleeding problem.)

Scarf: Cut the kerchief in half. Place around the neck. Sew onto the vest. I did this after I had put on the binding.

Then roll together tightly and hand-stitch (it's a too big a wad for machine stitching) down firmly.

Back neck:

Front "knots"

My theory is no child will ever keep on a kerchief, especially if it is double thick, has to be knotted, etc. So make it less bulky, attach firmly, and make "fake knots".

Before applying the pockets cut a triangular shaped piece from the leftovers for one pocket. Attach to the pocket. (All of these "yucky" photos happened because the flash didn't go off.)

For the other pocket, sew a strip of randomly shaped leftovers, tuck and fold to create look of pocket-hankie; attach to pocket. Then sew each pocket to the vest.

Rear view...

Velcro attachments in lieu of button on the front.

When I got all finished it was very obvious that Mr. P was way taller than I had "guessed" from a distance. So I added another strip of denim around the bottom, serging all the loose edges, heming, etc. Then I sewed it to this strip, making it a finished length of 2-inches longer.

Apparently I have no photo of the finished product, except being worn by it's owner. (I'm not going to put photos of people on here, as it is a completely "public" blog.)

And for his Princess sister (out of scraps of a Christmas Tree Skirt and its trim and a button--all of which I've had for 25-30 years)

Vest "V" shapes are simply trim sewn on to look as though there are inset pieces of fabric--simple!

Button has velcro under it.

The skirt became 4-gored because the scraps were too small to do it any other way, and I like it, so am continuing to use the concept.

Both outfits are a BIG hit with their owners!

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