Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dolly for a Sweet Girl in Korea

The quilt part of this post is repeated on my companion blog:  Nana-B's Quilting Fun.

Before I took a quilting class, I would have thrown these narrow strips left over from her "big-girl" quilt into the trash. Just look what they made for her dolly!

And every dolly needs her very own cosy quilt--made with batting, quilted like the big one, and backed and self-bound with the scraps.


Dolly's Asian dress with Fishermen's Pants

Dolly's jamies are the matching flannel print which is in cotton in the quilt

Western dress with decorative stitching and matching diaper/panties

Japanese-type kimono with matching green diaper/panties

Thick, fleecy bunting

I didn't start out to make "ethnic" dolly clothes, but the quilt inspired the outfits, and they just birthed themselves. Now that I've started down this path, I'm thinking that in the future I shall send her outfits from more cultures. I shall have to think about how to make a Korean "hanbok" as well.

The kimono was the difficult one--everything else derives from my basic modular patterns, but I should have started from scratch for the kimono. Oh well, live and learn. In the end, with lots of tucks and pleats, it turned out fairly well--perhaps even better than it would have been had I not put in the pleats and tucks as they really help form the arms. If the dolly were alive, it would have lots of movement in the arm area!

(Stay tuned for a greater manifestation of the kimono fabrics...)


Sat., Jul 17, 2010

I am SO excited--my nice Korean shipper recognized my hanbok!!  He said it was the white band around the neck that cinched it!    yeah!

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  1. Extraordinary stuff! Regarding the doll quilt, what was the measurements on that, length and width? It's such a cute complement to the big quilt.