Monday, January 7, 2019

Covering more pillows

I may have to be on break for a while again, so I'm posting this little chore for the day.

My daughter had purchased four pillows at IKEA, but the color was all wrong.

She found some material which pulled together her butter-yellow leather couch and chairs with her gray heathery couches.  It was a quick job; I did not make them removable for washing as by that time my daughter will likely want to replace them.  (IKEA fillings aren't going to last that long, and she likes to change things around.)

These will go on the couches with the "animal" pillows in a previous post.

It was an easy chore.  The most time consuming was getting the pieces cut out with the design centered and matched.

The fabric is quite nice (Waverly) and slightly loosely woven (which actually makes the job of turning corners easier).

  1. After cutting the pieces, I serged all the way around each piece as it tended to ravel.
  2. Then I put the two outsides together and sewed one long seam around the long sides and one end.  Stitched that seam twice.
  3. Trimmed the corners I had sewn.  
  4. Turned the case inside out.
  5. Pushed out the two corners until they were square.
  6. Inserted the pillow.
  7. Folded the seam allowance in on the open end and pinned it in place.
  8. Hand stitched across the open end, using a blind stitch.
  9. Repeat for the other three pillows.
  10. Done!
The photo only shows two of them.  All four are identical.

Should the need arise, I could pull out the blind stitches and remove the pillow. 

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