Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow, I'm finally back on here after a LONG break...

I have done a great deal of sewing since last I posted--so much in fact, that I hadn't time to do any posts.

Now that summer, vacations, sudden trips, and the Holidays are past, I am trying to begin the process of putting things back in order.  The first thing I have done is to move all of my quilting posts to a new blog.  I did so much sewing in 2010, plus I made 20 something quilts.  I just had to separate the two subjects.  If you are interested in the quilts, bear with me while I catch up on posting most of them.

The old posts are up at:

I'll be back on here trying to put up more of the sewing very soon, but I did so much that I know I am missing photographs on some things.  I'll try to do better!