Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Her brother went to Day Camp for a week, and she is too young to go this year, so we had "Nana-Camp" part of the time.

Her biggest request for weeks had been that we make her tiny bunny some "jammies".  (Her brother has a small stuffed animal with such jamies, so she wanted the same.  The jammies on his go all the way around, but we made ours easier to remove and re-apply, because that is the whole point of having clothes it seems--to take them off and put them on!)


I just cut a piece of fabric from their knit jammie fabric, then we made four buttonholes for the bunny's feet.


As we worked, she spied some fabric in one of my boxes (that was a first; I had been able to hide things in those almost clear boxes for a year and no one paid any attention).  She wanted to make her dolly a Princess Dress because, "It's sparkly, Nana."

So we did.  

Back view (from my original modular pattern; then we added the strip around the bottom because she wanted it to be longer than we had made it)


All done!


She really likes the gold braid, too!

Of course, she would like a Princess Dress for herself from the sparkly fabric, so I got to work when she went home each day.  Making the big one is much too long a process to maintain the constant interest of a 5-year old.

See the separate post for her own Princess Dress.

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