Saturday, July 23, 2011

All that Sparkles is Not Gold

As I explained in a previous post, my granddaughter spied this fabric as we worked together on jamies for her little bunny.

I could not tell you what this fabric was intended for.  I personally bought it to make a "swing jacket" for a Christmas party, but never got around to it.  It will be much more loved as a fabulous dress for a pretty princess (although I think it looks a bit more like a queen's dress).

With nearly a full circle skirt in not-so-lightweight fabric, I did not want to hang anything else from the top, so instead of a full slip with crinoline, I sewed a lining and crinoline strip 8-inches wide at 10 inches from the bottom of the hem of the skirt.  I wasn't sure how this would work out.  It worked pretty well, but tended to create a bit of puckering at that point much of the way around.  I had intended to put a row of the braid over it anyway, so that worked out well.

Unlike her princess dress for her birthday (, I did not have too much crinoline in this one.  In fact, it would be better if it fluffed out a tad more, so I added a strip of really strong stiffener to the bottom of the hem of the lining behind the crinoline.

You can see where I attached the lining and the crinoline (which I had gathered onto the lining).  You can also see the stiffener.  The stiffener does help hold the skirt out a bit more, but it insists on rolling or curling up a lot and I think it must have been intended to be inserted into a "sleeve" of fabric partway up a garment, NOT at the hem where it can roll and curl up.  (another lesson learned)


back view

And the front

I have the wrist band gold sequin elastic stuff, but am still trying to find the sheer mesh for the little wrist scarves princesses LOVE.

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