Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 - Play Clothes for Summer

Then I was off! Outfits came flying from the machines. Here are some of them.

Capris (more like pedal pusher length)

Denim shorts with decorative stitching around the bottom

Close-up of 2-spool decorative stitching

More decorative stitching to do two jobs: mark the front so she puts them on the right way around and to stabilize the elastic so it won't roll

This has turned out to be the favorite so far

with matching capris (almost full length, so she can wear them 2 years)

two pairs of capris which match several things

such as this top (made from her great grandma's long-ago top scraps)

and this sundress

Close-up of the puffy pockets I designed for the sundress. I could not find a way to sew them on with a machine, so I tried to nail them down by hand (something I really try to avoid).

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  1. Love these!! The pink top with the pockets in a different pattern is just adorable. So creative.