Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I didn't really fall ALL THE WAY off the the Planet--I just haven't been sewing. Just made more "Weelee Dresses".

We are heading on vacation and I needed a present for an almost two year old and almost five year old twins.  I couldn't find anything I wanted in a store, so consulted my gigantic fabric stash and came up with quickies I could fold nice and flat in my suitcase.

For the twins, I used fabric leftovers from my granddaughter's dresses of at least five years ago.  Worked out perfectly--did not have to purchase anything at all!

For the little one, I did purchase the purple elephants--they were irresistible and the fabric is much softer than the others.  The other's soften over time, but this started out soft.

There are more detailed posts with a "Weelee Dresses" label.

These are now ready to be untied, folded very flat, and packed in my suitcase:

I just hope their moms like them!

I'll visit you again one day, but it might be a while (unless I manage the project I'm currently attacking--a cell phone carrier to go onto my backpack waist strap).

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